This page is about the country of Serbia. Users are meant to leave their opinions on the country here. Have fun!

fuck the cretor Serbia is the horriblest contry to exist. fuck and fuck creator wears stinky socks and diaper. fuck illyria balls the stronkest


shut up guys btw macedonia is greek and serpia has no rights to it SUPERPOTATOMACEDONIAISGREEKNATIONALIST

fuck off you stupid faggot you potato SRBIJA TO YOU MrSerb2004

JASENOVAC WAS THE BEST CAMP illyria balls the stronkest

Hi how to get admin? Can i get admin? is this like roblox legofan123


wtf is happening here romanianpizzaguy

A$O^Tu8 0on58yws4n5 iuotysriuoysnriuoenrituoeartoneaurtnyioeaurty aertear MrSerb2004

Guys shut up because you're all immature. now could you please tell me WHY CANT I USE CIRCLE TOOL IN MY MAPMAKNING VIDEOS??? its mapping and its not poland ball you idiots. ITS COUNTRY BALL AND COUNTRYBALL IS NOT POLANDBALL! IM TOO LAZY TO DRAWER A GOOD MAP WITH THE POLAND BALLS SO I HAVE TO USE CIRCLE TOOL FOR EPISODE 1 "GERMANY ANNEXES POLAND" Its very original btw so dont give me crap devon HIGH QUALITY mapmaking.

Serbia is a medium cuntry with a weak military and economy. Some stupid Serbs hate Turks just because of a meme. Terrr

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